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An integral component of any facility project Synagro undertakes is our commitment to timely manage the biosolids-derived products generated by those facilities.

Whether the facility produces AllGro® compost, Granulite® fertilizer pellets, EcoGroTM alkaline-based soil amendment or TopProTM soil amendment, we take full responsibility for product management from inception to completion, including appropriate registrations and regulatory recordkeeping and reporting.

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As the preeminent company in North America processing biosolids to produce valuable end products, we can help you overcome a wide array of business challenges by transforming biosolids and natural waste into commercially marketable products.

Project Planning

Our Product Sales & Marketing (PS&M) team works closely with our Development team to assess prospective opportunities for the beneficial use of the products to be produced by a facility. We conduct local and regional market assessments, including field interviews with prospective end users, discussions with regulators and thought leaders advising the primary outlets, and estimate the value of the product relative to similar and competing products in the marketplace.

Information obtained through these assessments can be used to tailor the biosolids-processing technology to meet the needs of the market, but also to assist in driving the business case for the project.

Committing capital to create an exceptional quality biosolids-derived product can be a savvy decision if you have the right product management plan in place. 

Synagro brings you the expertise and capability you’re looking for through: 

Our full-service approach ensuring your product is utilized promptly, effectively and properly;


Keen attention to all regulatory controls, from licensing and registration to testing, analysis, labeling and certification;


Helping to insulate your treatment plant from claims and concerns around product and misuse;


Exceptional end-user services, including directions for proper use, delivery logistics, and billing and collections.

During Construction

As Synagro begins construction on projects, our PS&M team continues communications with prospective end users, keeping them informed of the status of the project and updating them on when approvals to begin product distribution are anticipated. Most of the regulatory approvals for biosolids-derived products cannot be issued until after the end product is being generated, therefore, the PS&M team will work closely with Synagro’s Compliance team as well as the Construction team to begin development of documents and information necessary to submit applications for environmental agency approvals at the earliest possible date. 

Among the tasks the Synagro team undertakes as facility construction nears completion are:


Verifying monitoring and recording systems are in place to ensure continual compliance with Class A Pathogen Reduction Standards and Vector Attraction Reduction Standards;


Establishing sampling and analytical protocols to confirm the product’s plant nutrient values as well as its compliance with regulatory standards;


Initiating development of labels and use instructions required for product certification through Departments of Agriculture with authority in the states into which the product will be distributed; and


Developing any necessary Product Sales Agreements or similar documents outlining the expectations of the end user and of Synagro.

Product Marketing

Typically, Synagro assigns one Product Sales Representative (PSR) to each project, although in some cases, a PSM may support multiple smaller projects within a region and, for especially large projects, we may assign more than one PSR, especially if the product will be distributed in several states.

Once all approvals for product distribution are in hand, the PS&M team begins marketing product to end users. The early outlets for any product new to the locale in which it will be distributed will typically be high-volume, low-revenue-potential markets. Usually, distribution to large agricultural end users or to persons with drastically disturbed sites in need of reclamation comprises these early outlets. As the value and characteristics of the product become more readily understood by the marketplace, our PSRs tap into their network of interested parties established during the project development phase and present data and samples.

In some cases, we will market the exceptional quality products generated by municipally operated facilities. These municipalities recognize they don’t have staff which fully understands the various needs and nuances of the end-use markets; therefore they have found product-management success by accessing Synagro’s PS&M team’s experience and relationships within the marketplace.

The PS&M team’s goal in every project is to develop a reliable and sustainable set of diverse outlets for the product such that seasonality of demand, variations in supply and logistical hurdles can be overcome. All of our projects incorporate some on-site product storage to assist in mitigating these issues, but it is Synagro’s responsibility, under its contracts, to assure our municipal partners the products we manage are timely managed and in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

We can demonstrate our success.

As the preeminent company in North America processing biosolids to produce valuable end products, we can help you overcome a wide array of business challenges by transforming biosolids and natural waste into commercially marketable products.

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