We believe the most cost-effective, sustainable programs emerge through collaboration.

We work with you to protect your employees, your facilities and products and the communities in which you live and work.

We know one size does not fit all. Although many waste streams are similar from industry to industry, each facility and industry presents unique objectives, constraints and opportunities. Our approach to residuals management is designed to meet the individual generator’s needs from food processing facilities to pulp and paper mills as well as general contractors.

At Synagro, we are deliberate about profiling commercial waste streams – including origins and flow processes, volumes and operational Implications, but most importantly we work to define materials characteristics and vet them against the range of available solutions.

The materials characterization protocol sets the foundation for strategy, operational modelling and responsible environmental stewardship.  The data gained from this critical step confirms that a stream is non-hazardous and determines a material’s eligibility for various channels available such as land application, silviculture, product marketing and others.

With the proper due diligence established and viable channels identified, our customers can be positioned to pivot to other channels as conditions may require ensuring flexibility and continuity of operations in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Synagro has the most experienced team in the industry so we can offer tailored solutions that ensure no waste goes to waste including technology selection, operational modeling, program implementation, and continuing management.

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We work with you to protect the health of your community’s water, air, soil and those who depend on them.

At Synagro, we’re nearly 1,000 environmentalists passionate about moving communities from waste to renewal.



We’re here to be your compost and fertilizer pellets provider and partner.

As a grower, you are an essential steward of community health, soil health and the health of our Earth.


We partner with local governments to keep waste moving to the right place – whether that’s simply getting it out of the way, or turning it into compost to keep nature’s cycles in balance by helping carbon sequestration and reducing runoff.

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