Nursery Products

Approximately 110 miles east of Los Angeles, Nursery Products is the closest and largest biosolids recycling option for the five largest counties in California. Founded in 2001 and acquired by Synagro in November 2016, our San Bernardino County facility is located in one of the cleanest air quality management districts (AQMD) in the state, the Mojave Desert AQMD. Our location provides a strategic benefit as natural clay provides a natural barrier to the underlying water table. With a geographical location that is naturally advantageous, our open-air operation has no added costs or expenses of an enclosed facility to control air quality.

Facility Information

Nursery Products


14479 Cougar Road
Helendale, CA 92342

San Bernardino

2016 acquisition
400,000 wet tons of material managed annually


  • Adelanto
  • Barstow
  • Beaumont
  • Big Bear
  • City of San Clemente
  • Corona
  • Denali LA City – Hyperion
  • Denali  Riverside
  • Environ – Van Nuys
  • High Desert Power Plant – DES
  • Lake Arrowhead
  • Los Angeles County – Carson
  • Los Angeles County – Lancaster
  • Los Angeles County – Palmdale
  • Luz Solar Partners – Harper Lake
  • Mira Loma – Chino
  • Mission Springs Water District
  • Mojave Solar – DES
  • Morongo – Cabazon
  • Orange County # 1
  • Rancho California Water District
  • Redlands, Rialto
  • San Bernardino
  • Santa Margherita
  • South Orange County Wastewater Authority in Dana Point and Laguna
  • Ventura County – Moorpark
  • West Basin
  • Western Riverside