Thermal Drying & Pelletization

Heat drying and pelletization are sound methods to help you to transform biosolids and natural waste for beneficial uses. Synagro’s processes disinfect biosolids, reduce volume by 80 percent to 90 percent and produce dried biosolids that can be used as an organic fertilizer or renewable energy source.

We operate more heat drying and pelletization facilities than any other company. Synagro’s heat drying and pelletization services allow you to mitigate expense and boost environmental sustainability. Our process:

  • Meets Class A standards
  • Minimizes transportation costs and impact
  • Reduces odors
  • Creates multiple market outlets
  • Helps create long-term demand

Whether you’re located in an urban environment or in an area where regulations restrict Class B land application, Synagro brings you breakthrough technology and service. Our experts are available around the clock to help you meet your goals.

Using our services gives you several advantages:

  • Six distinct drying technology options
  • A rich source of private capital
  • Access to expertise in efficient facility design
  • A rapid implementation model, ensuring on-time and on-budget results

We can transition your facility from complete turnkey DBOO service to DBO with public financing or simply provide you with operational assistance. Either way, Synagro will take your heat drying and pelletization to a whole new level of efficiency and success.

We operate more heat drying and pelletization facilities than any other company