Alkaline Stabilization

Synagro’s BIO FIX process controls odors, inactivates pathogenic microorganisms, prevents vector attraction, minimizes capital and operation costs, requires a small footprint for the processing facility, minimizes use of process water and energy and increases pH and temperature in a manner consistent with environmental and public health standards established by federal, state and local regulations (including U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 503 Class A or Class B pathogen reduction standards).

Adding alkaline to waste residual resources creates beneficial products safely and efficiently. Synagro makes it easy with the BIO FIX system, a proprietary alkaline stabilization process that treats biosolids with quicklime (CaO) prior to beneficial use.  The process:

  • Controls odors
  • Inactivates pathogenic microorganisms
  • Prevents vector attraction
  • Minimizes capital and operation costs
  • Requires a small footprint for the processing facility
  • Minimizes use of process water and energy

The resulting stabilized Class B product is an excellent choice for agricultural land application or mine reclamation; the Class A product is successfully used as agricultural lime substitute, soil amendment and landfill cover.

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