SYNAGRO’S MICRO-LIME® is a high quality liming material produced by the Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) water treatment facilities. The liming material is a by-product of lime softening, a type of water softening treatment used by DMWW that adds lime water (calcium hydroxide) to remove hardness ions.

The liming material is dewatered using plate and frame presses resulting in a lime cake a 43% moisture content. Material is produced 365 days a year, averaging 150 tons of lime per day.

However, what differentiates micro-lime is the fineness factor, and the low Magnesium content. In the U.S #100 sieve test, 99.9% percent of micro-lime passed, as compared to 20-36 percent pass rate for conventional agricultural lime. Smaller particles result in less breakdown time, allowing for a quicker rate of change in soil pH.

Synagro has teamed up with many local spreaders in the area. Large, vertical beater manure spreaders are able to break up the lime cakes to provide customers with an even application. The material also has a variety of other applications such as: building site bases, lining horse stalls, a clean fill material, base in cattle lots, and base for gravel projects.

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For information on the production process contact Jasen McKibbin at jmckibbin@synagro.com or 515-393-9452.

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The smaller particles of Synagro Micro-Lime result in less breakdown time, allowing for a quicker rate of change in soil pH