Land Application

We’ve perfected cost-effective programs that manage Class A and Class B biosolids and other materials.

Land application is a sustainable way of beneficially recycling the nutrients and organic matter in biosolids biosolids-derived products or other recyclable by-products with fertilizer value while supporting regional agriculture, silviculture, horticulture and site reclamation programs.

In addition to municipal biosolids, Synagro has extensive experience in land applying a variety of other materials, including those generated by pulp and paper production, food and beverage processing, and drinking water residuals.

Synagro provides clients of all sizes and industries with scalable expertise. We specialize in providing the knowledge and technical skill essential to any diversified solids management plan. For biosolids and similar organic by-products meeting regulatory standards for application on sites specifically approved for such application, Synagro’s team of Technical Services specialists, Operations managers and Compliance specialists all work to ensure timely and proper application of these materials. 

We locate sites suitable for land application, compile the data and information necessary to achieve regulatory approvals, set up the application program in accordance with the land owners’ needs and then develop the reports demonstrating regulatory compliance and proper application rates (soil sampling and nutrient analysis). In environments where land application may not be possible year-round, our team will also develop the capacity to store biosolids until such time as fields are available or, alternatively, work to locate alternative management options so that you can have confidence that your biosolids will be hauled from your plant in a timely manner and properly managed.

We also market and distribute biosolids-derived products like composts and fertilizer pellets through our Products Sales and Marketing (PS&M) team. Once these materials are treated (stabilization) to meet Class A pathogen reduction, vector attraction reduction standards and exhibit low concentrations of the regulated pollutants, they generally no longer need application site-specific approvals. Rather, these materials become products of commerce and regulatory control over their distribution and marketing passes to the state departments of agriculture or similar agencies. Our PS&M team is well-versed in the requirements for obtaining approvals for distribution and marketing, including, but not limited to, establishing a quality control environment, development of a product label, establishing best application rate practices and periodic reporting requirements, including payment of fees.

Irrespective of the material, Synagro’s turnkey residuals management services include hauling, agronomic management, permitting and monitoring.

Our proprietary Residuals Management System sets the industry standard for tracking, monitoring and compliance activities. Our close collaboration with regulatory agencies, universities and policymakers allows us to influence the field and offer a national perspective on regulatory trends.

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