Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority

Technology and Resources Needed to Address Immediate Needs

The Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority (GNHWPCA) serves the City of New Haven and surrounding municipalities in southern Connecticut. With thermal conversion equipment offline and a back-up alkaline stabilization system using outdated odor control technology, the authority’s ability to serve a diverse and growing clientele was at serious risk.

To address these urgent challenges, GNHWPCA contacted Synagro to upgrade and refurbish an existing multiple-hearth furnace, resulting in optimal performance. In addition, Synagro proposed an interim solution for GNHWPCA’s sludge management needs and odor issues by hauling solids to the Woonsocket, Rhode Island incinerator for disposal.

Long-Term Solutions to Meet Short-Term Needs

Synagro upgraded and refurbished GNHWPCA’s multiple-hearth furnace, ensuring long-term operation, maintenance and handling of the plant’s residuals and biosolids. Under a collaboration that continues today, Synagro leverages its expertise to get positive returns for both parties.

After aiding in the improvement of the thermal conversion process, Synagro introduced merchant sludge from external generators in the region to maximize capacity, enhance operational efficiency and generate a source of income for the host community.

Synagro also joined forces with the GNHWPCA and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to pilot a fats, oils and greases (FOG) receiving and processing program in New Haven. The goal was to implement a more reliable, cost-effective solution for dischargers of FOG that complies with regulations.

The result is the first FOG receiving facility in the state. This created an additional revenue stream for the GNHWPCA. Food preparation businesses in the area now have an outlet for the beneficial reuse of waste material. Everyday benefits include:

  • More than 96 percent uptime performance
  • Processing waste material
  • Reducing use of fossil fuels

Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority and Synagro cut over 6,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide every year