Charlotte County Bio-Recycling Center

Southwest Florida Communities Call for a Better Way to Handle Biosolids

Charlotte County, Florida municipalities have limited landfill space and application of Class B biosolids is highly regulated and not preferred by communities. In this operating environment,  an alternative method was needed for disposing of the biosolids produced by wastewater treatment plants.

Most of the plants do not have mechanical dewatering systems, so a partner was needed that could provide mobile dewatering and cake transport as well as develop a reliable and economic management method for biosolids and residuals.

An Optimal Site that Fits with Existing Land Use

In 2013 Synagro broke ground on the Charlotte County Bio-Recycling Center (CCBRC) in Punta Gorda, Florida. The CCBRC uses proven aerobic windrow composting to recycle both biosolids and yard waste.

Each year, the 10 acre facility redirects 50,000 tons of wet biosolids material from area landfills and turns it into 100,000 cubic yards of Class AA compost. The CCBRC is a public-private partnership that also generates over $300,000 of host fees and other benefits for the municipalities.

The facility meets FLDEP and US EPA rules governing production of exceptional quality Class AA biosolids. It provides regional municipal and industrial wastewater facilities, along with homeowners, landscapers and local utilities who previously disposed of their yard waste in landfills,  a superior solution that recycles their organic waste to create a valuable product.

Synagro identified a site for the CCBRC that is compatible with current land use. The compost facility is situated within the boundaries of the county’s municipal solid waste landfill, which is bordered by designated environmental areas.

Taking into consideration the almost daily rainfall events in southwest Florida, CCBRC includes two canopies that cover the active composting area and divert storm water from the site. The small volume of water that comes in contact with biosolids or compost is directed to an on-site leachate treatment facility.

Public-Private Partnership Generates Organic Compost

CCBRC provides a budget-friendly biosolids management solution that recycles biosolids generated by wastewater treatment plants in southwest Florida into Class AA compost.

Synagro’s solution and ongoing partnership:

  • Transforms 100 percent of the county’s biosolids into a “Class AA” biosolids product
  • Creates sustainable organic fertilizer markets from transformed biosolids
  • Incorporates a storm water management system to reduce the volume of process water routed to the wastewater treatment plant and direct clean storm water to collection areas
  • Minimizes off-site impacts
  • Distributes valuable compost to support local agricultural and commercial enterprises

Charlotte County Bio-Recycling Center produces 100,000 cubic yards of Class AA compost annually