BALTIMORE, Maryland, February 18, 2020 – Synagro Technologies, Inc., the preeminent provider of biosolids and residuals solutions services in North America, today announced Anne Arundel County has, after a two year process, awarded Synagro the contract to manage its dewatering and beneficial reuse program thereby renewing with Synagro for another ten years.

“Anne Arundel County is one of Synagro’s longest running and most-valued services contracts,” said Matt Tabisz, business development manager, Synagro. “Over the past thirty-plus years, we have helped the County develop a dewatering and beneficial reuse program, managing over 60,000 wet tons of biosolids annually. In recognition of this beneficial reuse strategy, the EPA awarded the County first place in its 2001 Exemplary Biosolids Management program.

“The Anne Arundel County contract was in its last year and the County issued an RFP to solicit competitive proposals and make some key changes to the scope of work,” added Tabisz. “After a two year process, Synagro was awarded the contract for another ten years successfully renewing our contract. As the largest provider of these services in North America and specifically within the Mid-Atlantic region, Synagro is well positioned for this contract. We have more than 230,000 acres of land base permitted in Maryland and Virginia. Additionally, we have in-house Class A biosolids drying capabilities. The program we can offer the County is a complete package and perfectly fits the County’s needs.”

Additionally, Synagro is providing the County with Class A end-use through our recent acquisition of Old Line Environmental. This is a critical step in the County’s biosolids master plan as they move towards greater biosolids processing capabilities and Synagro is proud to be a part of that transition.

About Synagro

Founded in 1986, Synagro Technologies, Inc. works to turn waste into worth by helping more than 1,000 municipal and industrial water and wastewater facilities in North America move toward safer, cleaner, and more environmentally beneficial practices. For some, it’s simply cleaning the water supply. For others, it’s much more – we partner with them to process their waste for compost or energy pellets, creating healthy soil and sequestering carbon in the process. As the largest recycler of organic by-products in North America, we’re trusted because we remove risks while keeping the logistics clean. Because our expertise is the oldest in the business, we can offer tailored solutions that ensure no waste goes to waste. Much of our work isn’t pretty. But a greener world emerging from a cleaner one – worth coming from waste – and we think that’s pretty beautiful. Visit to learn more.

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