Recycled Biosolids Fertilizer

Agricultural success begins and ends with the most nutrient-rich fertilizers available.  Synagro’s biosolids fertilizer is a 100 percent recycled sustainable organic solution. It offers all of the nutrients needed to maximize crop yields.

We provide all of our recycled biosolids fertilizer customers with a nutrient management plan that provides the framework for radically reducing dependence on chemical fertilizers.  The results are better for the environment and easier on your budget.

In addition to supplying you with top-grade fertilizer, when you work with Synagro we:

  • Work closely with you to address the unique needs and makeup of your land
  • Aid in determining best soil nutrient management before you plant your crops
  • Help distribute fertilizer through tillage and application
  • Calculate the exact amount of slow-releasing nitrogen needed for your crops
  • Ensure compliance and regulatory navigation
  • Work within geographical and environmental constraints for premium output

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