Digestion is a proven and reliable biosolids and residuals solution. Both Aerobic and Anaerobic digestion of residual material provides a higher degree of stabilization and greatly reduces the volume of organic matter. With the increase in hauling costs and new environmental regulations, digestion processes generating reduced volume with a higher-quality end product are becoming important for many wastewater and public utilities.

Whether you need to upgrade an existing facility or are new to biosolids and residuals digestion, we can help by providing:

  • Private capital. Synagro’s capital can expedite final development and allow you to preserve critical funds for other essential public projects.
  • Assured product marketing. Synagro currently has over 1,000,000 acres of land permitted for the application of treated biosolids and residuals..
  • Comprehensive regulatory compliance services. Synagro assures compliance with Class A standards, conducts all sampling and analytical work and handles the reporting and record keeping requirements for the compost process and product distribution.

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Digestion is a proven and reliable biosolids and residuals solution