If you are considering or operating a facility to address biosolids and residuals management needs, Synagro has the expertise to provide design, build and operate, and own (DBO/O) services. Our success with dozens of these facilities demonstrates that we understand the time, cost, resource and regulatory considerations that are crucial for your long-term success.

We can help you with our proven service approach: gaining a deep understanding of your needs, the community and regulatory requirements and then applying our expertise to deploy the right technologies.

While working with Synagro, you won’t need to hire different vendors for facility design, construction and management.  We offer a full-service approach that helps our customers:

  • Secure complete project financing
  • Optimize the timeline from concept to results
  • Develop efficient and effective daily operations

Our solutions satisfy your business needs and optimize waste recycling opportunities. We provide start-to-finish expertise that eliminates headaches and reduces cost.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you transform your challenges into thriving successes.

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