Land Application

Increasing output while decreasing impact requires a commitment to recapturing the benefit – and beauty – of nature by redirecting commercial waste into clean, safe and productive materials. Synagro’s direct land application and reclamation is a proven, time-tested approach, ensuring the beneficial use of Class B biosolids and other suitable residuals products.

We’ve perfected a low technology, cost effective program to manage Class B biosolids or other materials that satisfy land application criteria, from pulp and paper wastes to food, beverage and drinking water residuals. At Synagro, we provide clients of all sizes with scalable expertise, specializing in the comprehensive knowledge and cutting-edge technical skill essential to any diversified solids management plan.

Synagro’s turnkey residuals management services include hauling, agronomic management, permitting and monitoring. We also work with you to weed out inefficiencies, eliminating equipment redundancies and streamlining costs. Plus, we give you critical access to our proprietary Residuals Management System, which sets the industry standard for tracking, monitoring and compliance activities. And we bring you the latest in thought leadership – our close collaboration with regulatory agencies, universities and policymakers allows us to influence the field and offer a national perspective on regulatory trends.

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Site Reclamation