Synagro micro-lime is a high quality liming material produced by the Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) water treatment facilities. The liming material is a by-product of lime softening, a type of water softening treatment used by DMWW that adds lime water (calcium hydroxide) to remove hardness ions.

The liming material is dewatered using plate and frame presses resulting in a lime cake with a total solids content of 40-50 percent. An average of 120 tons of lime cake is produced and transported.

Synagro micro-lime has lime value (measured as effective calcium carbonate, ECCE) comparable to quarry lime. What differentiates micro-lime is the fineness factor. In the U.S #100 sieve test, 99 percent of micro-lime passed, as compared to 20-36 percent pass rate for conventional agricultural lime. Smaller particles result in less breakdown time, allowing for a quicker rate of change in soil pH.

Synagro has teamed with Onken Ag Services, LLC from Carroll, Iowa to provide effective and efficient micro-lime service. Onken Ag uses Fendt tractors and Bunning manure spreaders to apply micro-lime.

For more information or to place an order contact Ericka Day at eday@synagro.com or 515-423-7529. For information on the production process contact Jasen McKibbin at jmckibbin@synagro.com or 515-393-9452.

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The smaller particles of Synagro Micro-Lime result in less breakdown time, allowing for a quicker rate of change in soil pH